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Sayre Tutoring is now enrolling in Henderson, NV.

Sayre Tutoring offers a one-on-one style of tutoring, which focuses on targeting your child’s specific academic needs. I believe in establishing a loving and focused relationship with my clients. Also, I will provide summer guidance to help your child’s mind stay sharp. If you decide to sign your child up for Sayre Tutoring within the months of June and July, I will charge a “Summer Rate” of only $20/hour. 

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Test Strategies

Is your child struggling with test anxiety? A lot of  anxiety stems from lack of confidence which can lead to poor test results.

Students are expected to be ready for exams all throughout their academic careers. In order to be ready, students need to study as effectively as possible. Time is very valuable, especially with all of the many other subjects and extracurricular activities students attend.

I will help your child prepare for tests, and take them with more ease and confidence.   


Test Strategies

(Science & Social Studies help) 

Science: Does your child need help with science? Upper grade grade sciences can be challenging for students to grasp. Some of the requirements for the state of Nevada (K-12) science curriculum include:  Earth, space, life and physical sciences. Maybe your child needs help remembering the elements on the periodic table; or understanding the different changes in state of matter. I know it’s tough and I am here to help! 

Social Studies: The Nevada Department of Education has a great layout of (K-8) history requirements. Elementary school kids focus on local Nevada history, the old west and the creation of this nation. I also know that some teachers focus on historical dates in time when it comes to testing, which is very tricky to remember all of those days in time! Don’t worry, I am here to help and we can create timelines and review with flashcards. 


Writing Help

(Reading & Writing Help) 

With the Nevada Academic Content Standards in mind, your child and I will work through assigned English Language Arts class assignments and projects. 

How about a little help with writing? Better writing can also encourage students to try new social activities such as: advertising for a club at school, writing a letter to a business, or simply improving ones own notes. In some cases, a student’s handwriting was so messy, they could not read their own handwriting. This will be a problem for when test day is announced! 

Math Help

math hard. 

(Math Help) 

Fractions, decimals, percentages, algebra, geometry, equations, and statistics. Sound familiar? Math can be intimidating and downright frustrating. However, the key to conquer these math topics is to read carefully what is being asked of you by reviewing the entire question first. Knowing what is being asked is vital because then you can write out the necessary steps that correlates to that problem. Each math problem has a “step” to it, and once we have understood the directions, we will write down each step for the problem. From there, we can find the answer and plug it back into the equation to check our work.  

Styles of Learners

Many visual learners get the most information stored in their brain via observing. A visual learner is simply someone who can store and retrieve information best, visually. In math, visual learners get the most out of their studies by utilizing graph paper, and understanding diagrams. For reading and writing subjects, I will have my students write key notes using different colors to help distinguish ideas more easily. With these learners, note taking is key to their success. Note taking helps iron in the information so it is easily retrievable. 

Linguistic style, or verbal learners, are common  amongst elementary youth. These students are great at getting the conversation going. For these learners, we will be discussing school work with each other more than taking lengthy notes. We will also be using flashcards more often and spending time verbalizing misunderstandings within the homework, or study guide. 

Auditory learners rely primarily on sound and audio queues to help them remember. 

Kinesthetic learners like to move their bodies and use their hands when counting. My younger students will be encouraged to take few minute “wiggle time” sessions where they are free to run around, stretch and release some energy.  

Other popular styles of learning include: auditory, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal. Interpersonal people prefer to work in groups or with other people. Intrapersonal students prefer to work and study by themselves. 


My progress within the teaching field:  

  • Spent six years helping kids better understand their homework at a couple different after-school care locations.  
  • Last year, I have spent well over one-hundred hours as a substitute teacher in numerous  Southern California accredited K-8th grade classrooms. 
  • Several Masters courses, with an emphasis in Education, taken at National University. 


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I am an aspiring teacher and have been working with children for over a decade. In the past, I have been a substitute teacher at such outstanding school districts like the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District in Southern California. I love working with children and helping them to achieve their best academic outcome. I look forward to meeting all new clients and will work to strengthen your child’s academic career. More

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